Title One Agency, Inc.  employs two attorneys, management, and a large number of dedicated, experienced Title Insurance Agents that are committed to providing service that far exceeds our client's expectations. It is our goal that each real estate transaction is executed as if it were our very own. Trusting someone to carry out the sale or purchase of real estate is a big decision, and we at Title One Agency, Inc. take that responsibility very seriously. It is our pleasure to assist each of our clients in the purchase and sale of something that is such a large part of their lives.

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Title Insurance
What Is Title Insurance

Title Insurance is your safeguard. It can save you trouble time, money, and ultimately your home. It acts as a shield to guard you against your property. If your ownership becomes threatened by any claim covered in your policy we will negotiate to settle the claim and if necessary, defend your title in court. Additionally, we will be responsible for legal costs incurred while defending your title. If your property title is ever threatened, you can rest easy knowing you are safe.

Risk Elimination

Title insurance is designed to protect you from being subject to any unforeseen "surprises" to the ownership of your real estate. The first step to guaranteeing your protection is a title search. By investigating all county records on your property, a title search can verify the seller's right to transfer ownership, locate any claims, assessments, errors, or miscellaneous defects on the title to the property and virtually eliminate the risk factor for the buyer.

When You Close

Judgments, liens and title defects are eliminated at the closing. This process will ensure a clear title to your property. Once completed, the closing documents will be recorded with the county as public record of your ownership. Some of the costs that you can expect in the closing include: Title Search Fees; Title Insurance Premium; Property Taxes or other Government Fees; Loan Charges; Appraisal Fees; Survey Fees Be sure you understand all the charges assessed in your closing costs. Obtain an itemized list and review it thoroughly before you close.

Title Policy

After the recording of the deed, you will be issued an Owner's Title Insurance Policy. Your policy will guard you against such risks as:

  • Errors: Incorrect information on deeds, public records, etc.

  • Liens: Unpaid mortgages, taxes, sewer and water assessments, or other creditors, etc.

  • Ownership: By the spouse of previous owner or anyone else claiming an ownership interest in the property.

  • Invalid Deeds: Transfer by former seller who did not actually own the property, or by former owner not mentally competent.